Arun Chattopadhyay has a passion for mentoring and helping mid-level managers achieve success beyond their expectations.

Arun has more than 35 years of a dynamic career in the business of textile products and European hi-tech machines. He worked with some of the largest textile and apparel industries in India, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Thailand. Those include Coats plc (UK), Arvind Mills Ltd., Bombay Dyeing, SSM Scharer Schweiter Mettler AG, and PT Indo-Singa Impex Ltd.

He believes the success of any business depends on how much it’s aligned with the forces of nature. He has trained and mentored dozens of middle to senior level management professionals to achieve new heights by changing their mindsets and career plans. 

Arun has a degree in Textile Engineering and Physical Science from the University of Calcutta, and an advanced management diploma in Cybernetics and Strategic Management (dip. EKS) from the Mewes System, Germany. He is also a certified Master Coach from the American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners.

Currently, as an Executive Career Coach in Business to Business field, Arun works with high performing clients who want to boost their career applying his unique strategy based coaching and counseling techniques.

Arun is happily married and has a son who is heading a division of a large multinational IT solution providing company. Arun lives with his loving wife in Kolkata, India. He enjoys traveling, photography, website building, and content writing.

My Vision & Mission

I’ve always been fascinated by how people and businesses become successful. My curiosity grew over time, and I came across Prof. Wolfgang Mewes, who discovered the principles of Energo-kybernetische Strategie (“Energo-Cybernetic strategy” in German). It’s a radically different approach to look at the world around us.  

I studied EKS under him for two years, and that changed my outlook significantly. The principles are simple but mostly overlooked by us. Here are some examples of his findings.

  • The laws of physics govern everything. Acting against those laws always leads to failure.
  • All living beings and inanimate objects are made of sub-atomic particles and energy. In a sense, everything has life, and nothing is static. If you leave a place and return after some time, something or the other would have changed in between.
  • Naturally, the market, economy, geopolitical situation, and business environment – all are evolving every moment, whether you can sense it or not immediately. Often, success remains stagnated due to one or more bottlenecks. If you remove the bottleneck, it will be easier without much effort. Forces are applied best to the critical area to get the most effectiveness.
  • Every problem has different hierarchical levels. The higher the level you choose, the easier the solution becomes. I shall write on the principles in detail soon.

I have a vision that in the 21st. century, the world is going to be more unpredictable than ever. In this turbulent time, only those following the EKS principles will be able to succeed.

I applied the principles of Energo Cybernetic Strategy in real life, and that has given me a tremendous sense of confidence and security. My mission is to change the lives of at least 1000 people to succeed in their career, business, and life.


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